Limbo Unhinged

08 Sep 2017 Friday
30 Sep 2017 Saturday

Limbo Unhinged

Cultural Forecourt South Bank QLD
Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent
From $60.00

You are invited to delve deeper into the vivacious and exhilarating party that is Strut & Fret’s award-winning, international sensation LIMBO.

This is a brazen, crazed and wildly hypnotic exploration of your favourite LIMBO characters alongside a host of new, world-renowned circus performers.

The international cast features Coney Island sword swallower Heather Holliday (USA), dancing sensation Hilton Denis (AUS), and introduces aerial wiz Marco Motta (BRA), hand-to-hand experts Charlotte O’Sullivan (CAN) and Nicolas Jelmoni (MCO), alongside the acrobatic expertise of Rémi Martin Lenz (GER).

New York’s ‘Jank’ maestro and LIMBO composer Sxip Shirey (USA) leads the live ensemble, performing his ethereal melodies and sexy beats alongside prolific Sydney musician Mick Stuart (AUS).

Continuing all the sexiness, sizzle and edge-of-your-seat spectacle of LIMBO, this unhinged new show takes you into an even grittier and hotter netherworld.

Come for the party and enjoy the trip.